School lunch ideas and Free Recipe Download

Back to school is bittersweet around here. It marks the end of summer but the beginning of a little more structure. If your least favourite thing about back to school is packing lunches, then you are in good company! While my kids are not overly picky, I often struggle to come up with creative ways to get nutrition into my… Read More

10 day Challenge

hello! We are fast approaching the launch of my 10-Day Challenge! For me, this is not about giving you a program you can figure out in 10 days and then leave you to fend for yourself the rest of the year. I want you to finally stand in a body and live a life that you LOVE! I know from the… Read More

Estrogen Dominance: Why you likely have it

Estrogen dominance is the first fat storage hormone imbalance we are going to talk about over the next couple weeks in our hormone health series. If you are someone how has been eating clean & exercising but cannot seem to lose the weight or you are someone who loses 5 lbs then gains 8 back then listen up! I know it… Read More