Has anyone ever told you to drink orange juice when you’re feeling sick because of its Vitamin C benefits? Well, while Vitamin C can definitely support your immune system, that’s just scratching the surface of all this mighty vitamin has to offer.

Vitamin C also goes by ascorbic acid, and your body uses it to repair various types of tissues. Some of the body systems that take advantage of this powerful vitamin include your: 

  • Immune system
  • Reproductive system
  • Endocrine system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Integumentary system (AKA your skin)

So, Vitamin C works wonders throughout your body – but what are its specific benefits? Keep reading to find out.

1. Vitamin C can help support your immune system.

Remember that example about drinking orange juice for your immune system? Well, vitamin C doesn’t exactly boost your immune system or prevent you from getting a cold. However, it can be used to support your immune system.

How does Vitamin C do this?

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, which means it gets rid of oxidants that cause inflammation and disease in your body. Vitamin C also produces white blood cells which your immune system needs to get rid of harmful pathogens (like viruses and bacteria that cause infections).

2. Vitamin C may help with ovulation and increase your chances of pregnancy.

Vitamin C has been shown to increase progesterone levels. This is interesting because progesterone is the hormone that triggers your body to ovulate. And you can’t get pregnant if you’re not ovulating. 

Supplementing your diet with Vitamin C may also increase other factors that you need to get pregnant including:

  • Follicular reserves
  • Follicular fluid levels
  • Follicular integrity

So, if you’re trying to conceive then consider adding Vitamin C to your daily routine.

3. Vitamin C used in conjunction with other vitamins can lessen the painful symptoms of endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a condition where uterine tissue grows outside of a women’s uterus, resulting in incredible pain and discomfort. These painful symptoms have been shown to reduce when women took Vitamin C and Vitamin E together. This may be because Vitamins C and E are antioxidants that help decrease inflammation.

So, if you’re an endo warrior, ask your doctor about what supplements may be a helpful addition to your pain management regimen. 

4. Vitamin C helps increase iron absorption.

Do you struggle with anemia? 

Do you have heavy periods?

Vitamin C may help you!

Vitamin C improves your body’s ability to absorb iron which leads to hemoglobin production. This can help reduce symptoms like lethargy, weakness, pale skin, inflammation, and lightheadedness that may arise with low iron levels.

5. Vitamin C may improve your skin’s complexion and elasticity.

If you’ve visited your local makeup store or follow your favorite skincare gurus online, then you’ve probably seen people incorporating vitamin C into their daily skincare routines.

Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties decrease your skin’s dark pigmentation and redness. Vitamin C also helps produce collagen, the main structural protein of your skin, which can improve your skin’s elasticity.

Convinced That Vitamin C’s Important?

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that helps your immune system but also helps your overall health and skin. 

What was a benefit of Vitamin C that you learned about? Take a screenshot of this post and tag me on Instagram letting me know what your biggest takeaway about Vitamin C was.