To My Mom Friends… You’re Not Perfect and Neither Am I


I confess I am guilty of comparing myself to other women and especially other moms (I know, I know, I totally shouldn’t do this). The temptation to compare ourselves to others has historically been evident since the beginning of time. The feeling of inadequacy is  featured as one of the most known biblical stories. Even though Adam and Eve were living in a perfect world they were tempted to fulfill the need for something more.


So why do we do this? It is perhaps human nature to be dissatisfied and always wanting more or something different then we already have?


Consciously or unconsciously we think our lives would be so much better if we had the body like the model on TV, if we had the perfectly clean and organized house that didn’t have toys thrown over every inch. We think if we had the well-behaved children that actually listened than we would be so much happier. We think that if we could just have our stuff together, like that other mom, then life would be easy.


These expectations are continuously fueled by the stream of “perfect” images that bombard our lives through social media. Not only does this increase our temptation and desire for perfection but it disconnects us from what matters most, our REAL body, our REAL kids, our REAL husband, our REAL home, our REAL life.


Since when has it become so easy for our satisfaction, with everything we are so blessed to have, to become eroded? We need to stop and recognize this. To all my mom friends, please critically evaluate your discontentments because it is so easy for our dissatisfactions to disappointment. The fact is this disappointment is self endured.  It is created by the disillusion that what we want exists. 


Ask yourself, does what you are longing for even exist or is it an illusion created by the distorted reality we are currently apart of?


The truth is, though, through all the filtered instagram photos, the highlighted facebooks posts is someone who is struggling herself. NO ONE is the same and NO ONE has had the same experiences and NO ONE is perfect. Surround yourself with REAL people. These real people are the ones that lift you up, the ones that help you laugh at your challenges and celebrate in your successes.


Raising kids puts you through a lot physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We’ve all had good days and bad days but never the same days. The way we view our experiences and our world is unique and determined by our individual experiences to this point.


Friends if you don’t read anything else read this


When you feel inadequate or are tempted to compare yourself to another be reminded that you are doing the best you can and that’s amazing in and of itself.


Do not doubt yourself… Insecurity happens when we allow our thoughts to tell use we aren’t enough…


The power of our conscious mind, is in the fact that we have the choice and control over these thoughts. Choose to have courage, choose to forget the “what if’s” and go for it.


Follow your heart, have hope and trust that you are WORTHY. You deserve to be full of ENERGY, to feel HAPPY, and to have the CONFIDENCE to embrace your imperfections and the COMPASSION to be kind to yourself.


The greatest joys in life come from being who you are…not from longing to become someone you are not.


Take your eyes off perfection. Insecurity is only the desire to be what you are not. When you leave perfectionism behind you will find CONFIDENCE in who you are and find the freedom in living an authentic life.


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Breanne Kallonen