Happy 2021!  Since it’s the beginning of the year, maybe you joined millions of other women and wrote down your goals and intentions for 2021. 

Do you know the #1 most popular New Year’s resolution from 2020? 

To exercise more and lose weight.

Did you also write down that you want to lose weight in 2021? You’re not alone.

In fact, losing weight continues to rank as in the top 10 most common New Year’s resolutions each year.

Why do you think it shows up as a consistent resolution?

It’s because of the reasons people have for losing weight.

People want to lose weight to:

  • Feel confident
  • Live longer
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Be healthy

Regardless of your reasons, losing weight has a range of benefits. But it can be hard to shed the pounds. 

Maybe you’ve tried all the weight loss programs like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and NutrisystemⓇ.

You’ve tried the fad diets like going keto, paleo, and vegan.

They worked for a little while, but then you ended up gaining the weight back.

Don’t worry – I’ve been there.

I see you, and I understand the struggle we have as women.

As a functional medicine doctor and health coach, I’ve helped hundreds of women in your shoes.

I know that it’s disappointing to put so much time and energy into programs and not get the results you wanted.

But remember – you are not your feelings.

You are not a disappointment.

There is hope. You can lose weight not only for physical appearance benefits, but to really feel your best. 

And the first step to feeling your best and setting yourself up for successful weight loss is working on your mindset. 

It’s so easy to fall into the common weight loss myths. And so many of us get sidetracked and discouraged by this misinformation. So, if you’re one of the millions who made a resolution to lose weight in 2021, let’s start by losing your limiting beliefs and building a foundation for your new, healthy, and happy 2021 lifestyle. 

Weight Loss Myth #1: You need to exercise more and eat less to shed the pounds.

In order to lose weight, most people sign-up for a personal trainer, exercise program, or gym membership. After months of intense exercising, they’re surprised when their weight stays the same or they gain weight.

I struggled with this too.

Before I had kids, I was very active. I ate healthily and enjoyed exercising. However after I had kids, I saw that my body started responding differently to resistance training. After doing functional medicine testing, I saw changes in my progesterone and cortisol levels. 

That’s when I came to this conclusion: Our bodies need hormonal balance before increased exercise. 

High-intensity exercises can lead to increased stress through increased cortisol levels. Factor in the daily stressors of life with high-intensity exercises, and you get cortisol imbalances. Along with imbalance cortisol levels, exercise can also lead to inflammation. 

While exercise and weight training are important and have cardiovascular & brain benefits, it’s important to first fix hormone imbalances. When we fix hormones first, our muscles can respond to exercise well. To learn which hormones may be imbalanced, here are 7 hormones that are affecting your weight loss efforts. 

Hormone imbalances are more common than you may think. The best way to identify and treat a hormone imbalance is to talk to your doctor.

Weight Loss Myth #2: All you need to do is eat healthy vegetables and fruits to lose weight.

Food is medicine. Healthy foods that you consume will help you feel strong and energized every day. It’s easy to tell yourself that all you need to do is eat healthy to lose weight. Maybe you’ve thought that all you need to do is eat fewer calories than you lose every day to shed the pounds. However, women’s bodies are much more complex. 

Are you absorbing all of the nutrients from the healthy foods that you’re eating? 

As a doctor and health coach, I’ve seen so many women frustrated from not losing weight even when they’ve been religiously counting calories and eating healthy foods. And it turns out they had a leaky gut. 

Leaky gut is a very common syndrome where the cells in your gut form tears that allow bacteria and undigested food into your bloodstream. Your body starts to attack the bacteria and undigested food since it’s a “foreign” substance. This leads to inflammation.

Some signs you may have a leaky gut include bloating and constipation. To make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs, you need to heal your leaky gut.

While healing your gut is important to absorbing the nutrients and minerals from your food, it’s also important that you heal your digestion of toxins. A buildup of toxins can lead to skin issues, fatigue, and weight gain. 

To get rid of toxins, your body uses its liver. But if your liver is working too hard to eliminate toxins, it can lead to an overworked and congested liver. The good news is that liver congestion is reversible! If you want to learn how to reverse a congested liver through detoxification, keep reading.

Weight Loss Myth #3: It’s impossible to maintain the weight you lost.

I’ve met so many women who’ve tried multiple weight loss programs but ended up gaining the weight they lost back after a few weeks or months.


Because after losing a lot of weight, it takes time to reset your new weight baseline. Studies show that it takes up to 7 years to reset our bodies to a new baseline. It takes time, but it’s possible to maintain your weight.

How can you maintain your weight?

My coaching clients use probiotics, fiber, and specific supplements tailored to their health needs to maintain their weight. Since each woman is different, we can work together to determine the supplements you need for weight maintenance.

Goodbye Weight Loss Myths: A Solution to Enhance Your Health

We’re complex human beings. In order to lose weight, you need more than just a meal plan sent to dozens of individuals.

You need more than just an exercise routine.

You need to change your mindset and your thoughts about your weight. 

You need to change your relationship with food.

You need accountability and motivation for lasting results.

Ultimately, you need to reset your metabolism by focusing on mindset, hormones, gut health, detoxification, and maintenance.

Does it seem a little overwhelming?

It doesn’t have to be – I’m here to help you. My Metabolic Reset Program is open to highly motivated individuals just like you. You’re driven to accomplish your goals for the year. You want 2021 to be your best year yet! 

It can be, and it will be.

Get more information about the Metabolic Reset Program here. If you like what you see, schedule a call with me so we can see if you’re a great fit for this program. 

I’m so excited for you, and I’m cheering you on as we change our mindset and reverse those weight loss myths.

Do you believe in any of the 3 weight loss myths? I once did too. Share with me which one you believed in and what you learned from this blog post!