I have an important question for you:


What will it take for you to become comfortable with, Who you are… As you are?


We are not perfect and some of us are less perfect then others. Have you ever had thoughts such as; “I am not as good as other people” or “I am not where I want to be?” 


These thoughts may arise because you don’t like the way you look. Or maybe there is something about your health, your behaviours or thinking patterns that you just don’t like. Maybe you are dissatisfied about the way you feel. Maybe you don’t like the circumstances of your life, your career, or the relationship you are in and because of that you cant love yourself. This used to be me…


Let me tell you a secrete: It is NOT always easy to love yourself…



I have always been insecure with my physical appearance. When I looked in the mirror there was always something I could nit-pick about. There was always something I didn’t like, always something I could improve on or be better at. I was always criticizing and comparing myself to others.


This negative self-talk was perpetuating and hard to overcome.


If you are like me, it will take some inner work to realize you can be happy the way you are despite any imperfections you may have. 


To be honest 99.9% of the time others don’t judge you for your imperfections. Those judgments are loudest when they are coming from within YOU.


Consider this, everything has resonance or a vibration frequency, which is determined by the complex interaction of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. When you are comfortable in your own skin other people will become “in-tune” with and accept that. Have you ever been around someone and just got a weird vibe from them? This is the law of resonance or the law of attraction working.


These laws determine precisely what it is you will attract in your life based on the resonance or frequency of the energy you are projecting. When you are constantly insecure with your own imperfections and you are expecting others to judge you for them,  you are fulfilling your own prophecy. What you expect, you find.


Ask yourself right now: Do you really not like yourself, all of you, or just an aspect?


If the answer is just an aspect then think about how much time and energy you are spending on just this one aspect. Being truthful with yourself right now in this moment.


Ask yourself: “Is this imperfection within context of my entire life?”


Look at where you are, where you have been and where you are going. If it is the case that this flaw is just a small aspect of you truly are then … realize this.


Also realize, you have the ability to control where you focus. If you are always magnifying your imperfections then you are loosing focus on all the good in your life.


I want you to make the decision right NOW. You have two choices.


Are you going to fix this imperfection or not?


If you can change it and wish to, then go for it. I am all about making your life objectively good. If you can’t change it or don’t want to, then you need to accept it. Accept your flaws and then shift your focus away. It is the constant focus and attention that is making you unhappy. Once you do this, you will be able start focusing on other areas of your life that are great!


Once you make this shift you will notice that your little imperfections are insignificant in the context of all the other amazing things flourishing in your life.


I want you to start this exercise right now. I want you to commit to unconditionally loving yourself everyday. I want you to believe in your heart that you are awesome (because you are!) I want you to stare at your reflection in the mirror and repeat to yourself everyday:


“I love and accept you, exactly as you are.”


I want you to say this and really believe it. If negative thoughts or feeling arise I want you to repeat the phrase again and again. You are more then just one trait you consider a flaw. You are more then your current or past personality or behavior. You are more and have so much to offer others.


If you think this exercise is silly or useless or you hesitate I challenge you to ask yourself




I also want you to consider this. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot live a powerful life and serve others the way you want to. Without loving yourself first, you cannot do good for others in the world. In fact, you may be harming people by thinking this way because the negatively you feel in your life is contagious. This hurt you feel travels into your relationship and every person you come in contact with.


While doing this exercise you may begin to realize how critical and tough you are on yourself. You may realize how much time in your day is taken away from all the good in your life because you cannot see past the wall of imperfections.


There is good news. You can change, but you can also accept. Accept yourself in this moment as you are but also continue to develop yourself. You can change so many aspects of yourself. In life you can go in any direction you want.


There are countless possibilities but right now accept who you are. Give yourself permission to accept yourself. It is a split second decision to accept who you are as yourself. Only you are holding yourself back from making this split-second decision. Use this as a foundation for everyday to continue to become more and more amazing.


I will leave you with these final thoughts. You are not your body, you are not your imperfections, and you are not one specific problem you are facing in your life right now …


So who are you? What if you could absolutely love yourself? What is holding you back?