A common question I get all the time is “How do you do it all?” Don’t get me wrong being a wife, mom to two young kids, full-time student and commuting every day is enough to drive one bananas but the truth is you CAN do it!

Here are my two main answers to the question: “Breanne, How do you do it all?”

  1. I push myself when I have something that is important to me that I want to accomplish. My competitive, ambitious ,impatient type A personality drives me to get things done but I could not do any of it without my A-team.  It truly does take a village and I am so fortunate to have a large one.
  2. I am getting better at knowing when to shut down, say “no”, and replenish myself. I schedule in 1 hour per week with an amazing colleague at the RSNC to detox my mind and body. This hour I enjoy a sauna, medicinal peat bath or acupuncture session and feel completely revitalized after.   

For the past couple months I have been in overdrive working on creating an awesome website, completed 13 final exams, and supporting women in labor, while caring for nursing a baby or two. Ironically, many of my upcoming featured blog posts are on women’s health, adrenal fatigue, overwhelm, thyroid support and exhaustion.

I write between nursing, diaper changes, playing, and seeing patients. My planner is full of dot-jots and my iphone is packed with lists of reminders (thank goodness for Siri). But the truth is one person can only accomplish so much at one time. This is where it is important to be aware of your energy comfort zone. No one will be disappointed if you hit the pause button, it happens. As a mom, I understand the desire for perfectionism, fear of missing out and wanting to do everything. It is important to self-reflect and recognize when sacrificing to “do it all” while doing nothing “well”.

As women it’s important to be transparent with each other, be supportive and love ourselves and one another for being imperfect. We need to be supportive and have the confidence to hit the pause button when we need to. I’ve been there through the sleepless nights, constant demanding schedule and have experienced the feeling of being pulled in every direction.

The truth is with the right support, attitude, and determination you CAN do it all without losing yourself in the process.  I want you to be the woman who “does it all” and knows when to hit pause when you really need to. Let me embrace your  imperfections and support you on your journey!