The Most Important Supplements To Pack While Traveling

As many of you know this month has been crazy for traveling! I started things off in Nashville for an epic conference called CASI. Then we went to Washington for my son’s birthday (he wanted to see the Museum of Natural History) then surprised the kiddos with a quick 3 day getaway to Disney World. We literally just got back from that adventure and I was off to Toronto then Savannah for a conference. I am grateful for all the opportunities (extremely) but traveling as a solo mamma while running 2 practices and multiple businesses while getting the house ready for the sitter, cancellations, laundry, school projects, etc is next level overwhelming.

The most important thing that I cannot stress enough is supporting your health while you’re traveling. If you do not prioritize your health what I find is I need a vacation from the vacation or the entire process is so overwhelming it’s not even worth it.  To keep your wellness routine in working order here are my tips on how to ensure your trip is not a stress on your body.

Why You Should Take Your Supplements

  1. If you are like me travel is stressful.  Whether it is a long trip in the car or figuring out parking at the airport, the security lines or being afraid to miss the flight you likely worry about something. Airplanes are sources of radiation, you likely lose out on some sleep and changes to time zones are all stressors on your body.
  2. Stress and any changes to your sleep cycle may negatively impact your immune system, not to mention airports and airplanes are just filled with germs from all areas of the world!
  3. You may be exposed to foods that you do not traditionally eat. I recommend my clients and patients practice a gluten and dairy free diet. I’ve been on my fair share of airplanes and restaurants to know this can be a challenge when traveling. My advice is to fast on your travel day. You likely are not exerting yourself anyways.  In addition, if you are eating out while travelling you may not be getting the amount of fiber and nutrients your body needs.

What to take with you

Stress Support: I’ve been experiencing some pretty severe anxiety with planes lately out of nowhere! To help I take 2-3 servings of my Relax and Focus Formula prior to boarding the plane.  This contains GABA, L-Theanine, Magnesium, Inositol, and Taurine to quickly put the brakes on the stress response.


Digestive Support: Your diet may be different while traveling which is why I recommend a digestive enzyme (Digestzymes) that contains the necessary enzymes to break down fats, proteins, carbs, as well as gluten and dairy. Taking this at every meal will prevent a flare of symptoms if you have food sensitivities. In addition, I always take a probiotic if I am traveling to foreign countries to prevent travelers diarrhea (nothing is worse when you are at a sunny destination).


Immune Support: While travelling you likely will be exposed to someone who is coughing or sneezing especially during the cold and flu season. To protect yourself choose an immune support that contains mushrooms and herbs with both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. An example is Immunitone Plus which contains Echinacea, Astragalus, Elderberry, Andrographis, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Maitake, Reishi are all great options.


Sleep Support: If you are traveling through time zones or simply can’t sleep the night before a flight (despite setting 6 alarms) supporting your sleep will help you function better.  Good sleep hygiene like having an Epson salt bath, meditating and making sure your room is dark is key. In addition, Insomnitol can help balance your circadian rhythms and provide benefits for jetlag. In my house, we refer to it as sleep candy.


Poop Support: When I travel especially by air I don’t poop and I hear this a lot from my patients. Whether it has something to do with the air pressure, the stress, or the new surroundings I always make sure to load up on magnesium (Unicorn Poop), and Fiber  (Fiber Lean).


So there are the supplements I always take with me on a trip. Right now I am currently working on an estrogen detox so those ones and my multivitamin came too.  If you have time to organize and pack pill boxes/packs of your daily supplements all the power to you! For me, I grab the bottles and toss them in my suitcase.

Other tips to success while traveling are drink water like your life depends on it and consider fasting the day of your travel <3