Creating happiness is just like any other habit. In order to find true happiness we need to commit to self development and putting in daily effort. With the added stress of LIFE – career, kids, finances, the holidays – it can be easy to get overwhelmed and bogged down. Stress, anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue is all too common in our society. Far too many of us are spreading ourselves too thin. Why are we continuously  always raising the bar just too far out of our reach?

The good news is there are simple strategies we can build into our daily lives order to be happy! Check them out below. I would love to hear your thoughts & tips to maintaining a positive outlook.

10 Steps to develop the habit of happiness:

  1. Maintain a positive mindset: Looking at the glass as being half full creates a much different feeling then always seeing the negative side of a situation. Set positive indications each day instead of “wishing”. For instance set the intention that “today I WILL be happy” instead of telling yourself “I WANT to be happy”.
  2. Identify your core values: Our core values determine our daily behaviours and actions. Staying true to your values produces unwavering and unguiding change. This will put you on the right path to fulfilling your goals. Knowing your core values and holding true to them makes it more likely you will attract similar people into your life.
  3. Laugh everyday:  Perhaps you have heard the saying, “laughter is the best medicine”. It is true! Laughter increases your endorphins, elevates stress and increases oxygen delivery to the body. Try to find humour in everyday events or turn on a funny video just make a point to open up and say “Ha-Ha”.
  4. Get Moving: Daily exercise or movement positively impacts your body and mind. If you can do your exercise outside the positive effects are even more profound. It does not have to be anything long or extremely difficult. Take a walk with your family, or find a short workout routine you enjoy.
  5. Believe there is good in this world: No matter how hard your current situation is, try and find a lesson. What can you learn from this time in your life. Trust that good times are ahead and cherish the small everyday moments.
  6. Accept & love yourself:  I want you to start this exercise right now. I want you to commit to unconditionally loving yourself everyday. I want you to believe in your heart that you are awesome (because you are!) I want you to stare at your reflection in the mirror and repeat to yourself everyday: “I love and accept you exactly as you are”.
  7. Banish the “Moreosis”: It is definitely a disease of modern society to never be content with what we have. It seems, especially during this time of year, commercialism is at its all time high. Try and find ways to simplify your life and be content with what you have.
  8. Treat your body as a temple: In order to maximize our health we need to actively nourish our bodies with whole foods. To further enhance the benefits of food we should begin to consume it when we are in a relaxed calm state. Sit down to eat and eat slowly.
  9. Practice Gratitude:  Every day think about at least one thing  you are thankful for. You can keep a journal or just carve out time to be still and reflect. When we practice gratitude we affirm that there is good in the world. Of course this doesn’t mean that life is perfect. Hardships, challenges and letdowns still exist,  but when we look at life as a whole, gratitude encourages us to identify some amount of goodness in our life.
  10. Live in the moment: Living in the moment- also known as mindfulness- isn’t always easy. At times our thoughts are overwhelmed by regrets about the past and fears of the future. So often what happens is we fail to stop and smell the roses.  Remember we have no idea how many more moments we will be fortunate to experience so never take any experience for granted.

I hope these quick tips were helpful. I wish you all happiness and success as we finish off 2016 with intention and purpose.