Back to school is bittersweet around here. It marks the end of summer but the beginning of a little more structure. If your least favourite thing about back to school is packing lunches, then you are in good company!

While my kids are not overly picky, I often struggle to come up with creative ways to get nutrition into my kiddos. Usually, I fall victim to including the exact same things every day. To make things easier I’ve put together this free guide with 35 of my favourite healthy recipes that my kids will ACTUALLY eat. Download here. 

Things to keep in mind when packing kids lunches:

Always include a protein, carb, and fat.

  1. Proteins and fats are really important for our kids because they keep their blood sugars stable. This translates to fewer meltdowns in children and less anxiety in adults.  Healthy protein sources could be nitrate and additive free chicken, turkey or ham, roasted chickpeas, hummus, or greek yogourt.

2.  Healthy fats are going to keep our kids energized and able to think all day at school. In addition to fish oil in the AM, my kids take items like guacamole, nuts & seeds, olives, dark chocolate, hard boiled eggs, and energy balls. All the recipes in my free snack guide use coconut oil as a healthy fat.

3. Carbohydrates provide energy but not all carbs are created equally. There is a significant difference in terms of micronutrients between a fruit-roll-up and blueberries. Carb sources I like to include are fruit, vegetables (carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, broccoli), double chocolate black bean cookies, energy bars, rice cakes etc.

If you are looking for more ideas and healthy recipes to send your kids to school or take for your own lunch feel free to download my Free Guide. I hope you enjoy it and I wish all the moms out there the very best of luck (because often back to school is harder on us than the kiddos!) CLICK HERE.