After your have a baby it is hard to feel like you again. Even a year after birth when you expect you are supposed to feel back to “normal” do you feel;

  • Your brain is not working, as if you are living in a fog?
  • You are still dragging yourself out of bed in the morning?
  • Your patience is at an all time low and feel agitated or angry much of the time?
  • Your pre-pregnancy clothes are still tight, your eyes have dark circles and you don’t recognize yourself?
  • You have completely lost yourself?


So, how do you get “it” back?

Make Yourself a Priority Again


You likely have 100% let yourself slip to the bottom of the priority list and as a result your whole family is paying for it. The reality is your family has a tired, agitated, angry women living in their midst and they deserve better- YOU deserve better. Let things GO, distribute your workload and roll with the never ending punches that are going to be continuously thrown your way. Nothing in life is perfect.


All it takes is one little “ah-ha” moment to create shift in our lives. Let this be your moment. Have you lost your healthy relationship with food and wellness? Promise yourself that you are going to re-prioritize and slowly get back to core values and a lifestyle that will energize you. Make food and exercise a priority again. Consuming nutritious food and exercising impacts every single cell in our body and each positive choice has the potential to nourish and heal our minds & bodies.


Everyone needs to start somewhere. Start where you are at now! It is time for you to feel like a mom but also a WOMAN again, to feel like you again. In order to do this put yourself back on the priority list so you can take care of your whole family. You cannot give what you do not have.



The best advice I can give is to focus on consuming whole foods. Shop the outside of the grocery store and limit packaged foods. Purchase foods that have one ingredient, and are grown from the earth, sunlight and water. Once you shift your focus on nourishing your body and your children’s bodies with whole foods your family will have more energy, get sick less often and sleep better- Wow right!?


I invite you to join me on this journey of getting back to feeling like you again. Like you, I am a busy working mother with no time to spare, I understand you. Connect with me on Facebook, and check my website often for practical tips, recipes, shopping lists, motivation and countless bonus materials. I am your needing push in the right direction and because I am a mom, I understand.


Do you have specific questions? I’d love to hear from you. Remember food is integral to all systems in our bodies. If you are looking to balance hormones, have more energy, sleep more deeply, you may need to focus on foods and find support to keep you going on the right track.

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