Losing Weight or becoming more lean is so much more then the number on the scale!

You are NOT your scale weight and body weight is NOT the only measure of your health.

Your weight is NO reflection of who you are, it has NO impact on your sense of worth, beauty or success. : In my program we focus on mindset, this week we are starting to set goals, discover our WHY (because weight loss is the result of our WHY), Celebrate Success. And we maintain a positive mindset.

The number on the scale has no reflection of your overall body composition:

√ First of all we know muscle weights more then fat. And we know we want to gain muscle to not only boost our metabolic rate but also to prevent our risk of osteoporosis and fractures later in life.

√ Secondly we know fat around the midsection is much more problematic as it increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. So instead of focusing on the number on the scale the aim needs to be reducing your stubborn abdominal weight in order to lower your overall cardiovascular risk.

√Thirdly your weight tends to fluctauate throughout the day and for those in my carb cycling program you know the higher carb days result in water retention. This is compleltely normal and necessary to provide our bodies the fuel so we can safely complete our exercises.

So guys here’s the honest truth. I sell my program with “weight loss/fat loss/ muscle gain” headlines, and while my participates ABSOLUTELY get PHENOMENAL results, remember fat loss and muscle gain is not your WHY. It is then results behind your action to invest in your health …BUT in order to achieve long term results and sustain a healthy living lifestyle you must discover your WHY behind your action.

So what is your why?

Is it that you want to have more energy to spend with your family?

It is that you want to improve your mood or your confidence?

Is it that you want to reduce stress on your joints so you can stay mobile?

Is it that you want to improve your sense of self and self worth?

What ever your reason is,

what ever your why is,

I want to encourage you to find it… because it is your WHY that will keep your going through times when you want to give up.

It is your Why that will get your butt off the coach and doing your speed bursts or lifting some weights.

It is your Why that will keep you grounded and centered when you feel overwhelmed, overworked and over burdened.

It is your WHY that will keep you investing time in yourself even when you tend to fall down to the bottom of the list.

So tonight think about your why, write it down and have an amazing week.