Why I am afraid to call it a detox?

With all the quick fix scams out there on social media of detox teas, colon cleanses and liver flushes I am always afraid to talk about the detox support in the Metabolic Reset ProgramThe word “detox” I feel is heavily misunderstood and I wanted to clear up the air about what it is and why it serves a purpose.

First of all, you will hear all the time you don’t “need” to detox your liver because it’s already an expert at cleansing itself. The liver’s job is to filter your blood and provide nutrients to the rest of your body.

While this is true the liver will always continue to work the question is how well is it performing its function. We have to remember the ability of the liver to function depends on the amount of stress we are putting it under. This also assumes that the liver has all the appropriate tools to carry out its job. The liver relies on several key amino acids, antioxidants, and nutrients and when these are deficient it doesn’t work as well.

The liver is a master multitasker and is also involved in over 500 other biological processes. These include storing nutrients, fighting infections, producing hormones, managing energy levels, balancing your blood sugar, and so much more. This is why when the liver is not working optimally, it affects virtually every other organ and system in your body!

Given how important the liver is to optimal health it is unfortunate that so many companies have painted an ill picture of what detox and liver support should be.

8 Benefits of A Healthy Liver


A healthy liver plays a crucial role in supporting weight loss by optimizing various metabolic functions. One key aspect is the liver’s ability to convert stored fat into usable energy, ensuring an efficient and sustained fuel source for the body. When the liver is in optimal condition, it helps regulate energy metabolism, promoting the breakdown of glycogen (stored fat) into glucose (energy). This process not only aids in shedding excess weight but also enhances the body’s capacity to burn fat for fuel rather than storing it. Additionally, a well-functioning liver contributes to hormonal balance, particularly in managing insulin levels, which is essential for controlling appetite and preventing overeating.


This is a really important piece that is often overlooked. Did you know that most thyroid hormones transition from their inactive state (T4) to their active state (T3) in your liver? This process also requires nutrients like selenium and zinc which are included in the Metabolic Reset Program detox support. When the liver functions better it is also able to remove excess estrogen, minimizing thyroid-binding proteins and facilitating the entry of thyroid hormones into your cells.


Achieve hormonal balance by supporting your liver in metabolizing estrogen and facilitating its elimination from your body. Estrogen can be metabolized in the liver through 3 different enzyme pathways. One pathway is the optimal choice, it protects your bone and cardiovascular system. The other pathway can create issues like tissue growth (weight gain, fibrocystic breasts, fibroids, endometriosis, heavy cycles). The third less favorable pathway can increase the risk of estrogen-dependent cancers). To support optimal estrogen metabolism the detox includes nutrients like sulforaphane, DIM, NAC, magnesium etc.


Individuals who are diagnosed with autoimmune diseases have a genetic predisposition but something had to have occurred to turn on the disease process. Autoimmune conditions can develop when your immune system becomes overburdened by threats (including toxins or infections ) and begins to misfire.  Autoimmune conditions that I have seen the most benefit in with the Metabolic Reset Program include Hashimoto’s, endometriosis, and psoriasis.


Scientific research consistently underscores the critical role of a healthy liver in maintaining optimal cholesterol levels. The liver is central to the synthesis, regulation, and clearance of cholesterol in the body. It synthesizes cholesterol, balancing the production of low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad” cholesterol) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL or “good” cholesterol). A well-functioning liver ensures the appropriate balance of these cholesterol types, contributing to overall cardiovascular health. Moreover, the liver plays a pivotal role in the clearance of excess cholesterol from the bloodstream. It packages cholesterol into lipoproteins and releases them for elimination or recycling. Impaired liver function can disrupt this process, leading to elevated cholesterol levels and an increased risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.


At the end of the spectrum, both acute and chronic liver disease can manifest on the skin and we see this as yellowing or Jaundice.  We can also see more subtle changes on the skin such as dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, dark circles under the eyes, and acne. 
Address skin issues at their root by addressing liver congestion with toxins. Clearing toxins from your body can lead to clearer skin as the liver efficiently eliminates them, sparing your pores from the burden.


Combat brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and poor memory by relieving your overworked liver. As toxins are appropriately filtered, these cognitive effects are temporary, allowing for improved mental clarity and focus. The detox ingredients in the Metabolic Reset Program are nothing stimulating or special. It is the key nutrients and antioxidants required to restore optimal function.


Liver function plays a pivotal role in promoting and maintaining gut health through various interconnected mechanisms. The liver contributes significantly to the digestive process by producing bile, a substance essential for emulsifying fats and aiding in their absorption in the small intestine. Bile production is crucial for the breakdown and assimilation of dietary fats, ensuring proper nutrient absorption. Furthermore, the liver helps regulate the composition of gut microbiota by processing and detoxifying substances absorbed from the intestines. This includes metabolizing and eliminating microbial byproducts, toxins, and other waste materials that could potentially disrupt the delicate balance of the gut microbiome. Additionally, a healthy liver supports the synthesis of proteins involved in immune responses, contributing to the defense against harmful pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract. Overall, the intricate relationship between liver function and gut health underscores the liver’s vital role in digestive processes, nutrient absorption, and the maintenance of a balanced gut microbiome.

Strategies We Use in the MRP to support detox include:

  • Eliminating toxic and inflammatory foods (sugar, alcohol, caffeine, inflammatory foods)
  • Consuming plenty of antioxidants (vitamins C and E, zinc, selenium, green tea extract, this is included in our Detox Support Packs)
  • Increasing glutathione and glutathione precursors – NAC, amino acids, B6
  • Opening up the detox pathways which means – Peeing, pooping, and sweating regularly
  • Replacing toxic personal care products – we have you do a quick check on what you are putting on your skin and the household items you may be using that are increasing your toxin exposure

If you are interested in learning more and participating in the Metabolic Reset Program book a free discovery call with my team to learn more or a paid discovery call with me. You are also welcome to simply reply to this email. This program is not appropriate for everyone and we only accept a limited number of participants every month.