Routine is everything when it comes to working out. For me, sometimes it is easy to get in a good workout but usually it is even easier to skip it.

With all good intentions aside if you are like me you skip one workout, then two, then the next and the next. Before long it has been over two weeks, your jeans are way too tight and you begin to feel the burn on only a few stairs. Recently, I’ve fallen off the wagon. After days of promising myself I’d get back on track my sneakers still sat unused because life gets in the way, you know?

We all get busy, we all have excuses, but the time is NOW to get back on track. I know it’s not as simple as saying, “stop procrastinating” but seriously, time flies. If you are sick of starting over then don’t stop. Don’t quit now. The more time you spend away from your exercise regime the harder it feels to get back…Trust me I know!


Here are my steps, my inspirations, my motivations to get back into routine again even after weeks of avoiding the gym.


  1. Brace yourself for the Burn

If you are used to a high intensity workout the first couple days back will be uncomfortable. You may want to choose a simple, yet effective workout to start out. There’s nothing worse then starting your next day’s workout feeling like your entire body has been dunked in lactic acid.


  1. Be realistic.

Keep in mind; You will not bounce back with one workout. Your strength will be less, your endurance will be less, and you will feel the post exercise fatigue. Let this fuel you and remind you how much stronger you were when exercising. Months of working-out can be ruined in a few weeks of laziness and bad diet. If you are tired of starting over…Don’t quit.


  1. Mark your calendar and let others know

Set yourself up for success. Schedule time off and make yourself a priority. Let others know to keep you accountable. Literally, you have a hot date with yourself and under no circumstances can you cancel. As with any date, set out your sexiest, feel good, workout clothes and don’t be late. The best time to exercise is when you will actually do it. For me, this means in the AM before my distractions and to-do list, and excuses are in the forefront of my mind.


  1. Choose a workout you enjoy

For me this is difficult. To be honest, I don’t feel I enjoy working-out until the moment it’s over. If you know you like arms then go for it. If you need a fitness call full on dance party to be engaged then do that. If you find enjoyment in your first time back then you will be more likely to complete your next.

  1. Mark your entire month

Keep yourself accountable. It takes about 21 days to form a new habit but only 1 day to break it. I am a visual learner so I like to see my schedule for the month. Each day I know exactly what exercise I will be doing and when. Consistency is key.


Like most of you, I don’t have a lot of free time so I keep my workouts short. I know exactly how long my workout will take each day. Personally my workouts are only 25 minutes long. I don’t waste time getting ready and I stop as fast as I start. I am purpose driven and result focused.


Getting back to exercising is tough, I know. I understand it is hard to make yourself a priority with limited time and what feels like no extra energy. Overall, by exercising, you will feel better, you will have more energy, things will get easy and your long-term health will thank you.


Just follow these steps. Fitting exercise into your schedule shouldn’t be the hardest part. If you need more ideas and inspiration contact me. Let’s chat and find real solutions to achieve your unique health & fitness goal.