For anyone who has used affirmations, you know the power of the subconscious mind. Affirmations purify our thoughts and have been shown to restructure and rewire our brains. The purpose of affirmations is to straighten us to believe in the potential of an action, to realize nothing is impossible.  When our dreams and ambitions are mentally and verbally affrimed we develop a deep sense of reassurance that our intentions will become reality. Affirmations empower us and allow us to focus on our goals and desires.  Practicing affirmations daily is an important tool that allows us to break patterns of negative self-talk, thoughts and resulting actions.

Birth affirmations are are especially important for women to use in labor to help them stay calm and focused. Positive affirmations are studied within the weeks and months prior to birth. These positive affirmations become engrained in the subconscious mind and help women enter a state of peace and tranquility. The affirmations promote trusting in your body, and birthing without fear. For women who wish for a gentle calm birth or who are practicing Hypnobirthing, affirmations are an important tool. For a Free Copy of the Birth Affirmations I provide to my clients Contact Me. 

Affirmations extend beyond labour and delivery because lets face it parenting is both wonderful and challenging. The first few weeks after baby is born is tiring as you and your baby learn how to exist in your new dynamic relationship with one another.  Continuing your affrimations after birth in those first few days or weeks is when you might need them the most. Here are a few of the beyond birth affirmations that apply to everyday life.

I’ve got this

As a colleague of mine put it. “Damn right you got this. You just gave birth to a tiny human, you can do anything!” – 

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I am relaxed & calm

Not everyday will be glamorous. There will be hard times but try and find positivity in every day. Take a deep breath, or remove yourself from the situation. Your baby knows you veery well and can sense how you are feeling. Relaxing yourself will help your baby to relax and feel safe.

This wont last forever

You WILL get through this. Sleepless nights, cluster feeding, growth spurts and teething are all phases that will come and go in the blink of an eye. You will miss these times no matter how difficult and overwhelming.

I trust my instincts

You are the expert in your body and your baby. You are exactly what your baby needs.

I am patient, confident  

Patience is one thing I personally struggle with. Becoming a parent is a learning curve for both you, your baby and your partner. Give yourself the time and respect to learn at your own pace. Have confidence. You are strong so stand tall and believe in yourself.

Believe you can and you will 

You can do anything you set your mind to.
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