What does bloating, gas, one bowel movement every three days and heartburn have in common?

The answer is they would be classify as common, but none of them are NORMAL.

They way I practice is very detail oriented and because of this I often help recognize these minor variations of normal. Being trained to treat health concerns from a whole-person strategy allows me the ability to recgonize associations between seemingly unrelated symptoms. 

Why should common symptoms not be ignored? The danger in mistaking common for normal is not usually that there is something deeper and darker below the surface (although this can be the case); it is simply that you are missing out on the opportunity to operate at your highest potential. 

If you have not yet had the ‘ah-ha’ discovery that uncovered what symptoms you don’t need to live with, I encourage you to take note of how you feel throughout the day. Pay attention specifically to digestive symptoms as well as your energy, mood, digestion, and skin. 

In the mean time if you are looking to make some simple dietary changes to improve your gut health check out my favourite ‘Digestive Diamonds’ below. 

1) Bone broth 


Not only great for your immune system but also incredible for healing and repairing your gut. Bone broth is rich in collagen, which is the number one things to repair and restore your body. The power of this super food is wrapped up in its unique amino acid profile. Amino acids such as proline, glycine and L-glutamine are critical gut health. Proline is very high in bone broth and supports collagen, helps to tighten the tight junctions that have become leaky and is a key repair substance. Glycine supports detoxification of your liver and cellular pathways. Glycine is especially important for those who have taken antibiotic drugs and have been exposed to environmental toxins. L-glutamine is used as a fuel by intestinal cells to heal a leaky gut burns fat and helps you lose weight. This amino acid protects the gut during times of damage and contains minerals magnesium and potassium. A large percentage of us are deficient in these key minerals that are so important to repair your body. 

2) Coconut oil 
Coconut oil has so many uses from skincare, to cooking, to household cleaning. Coconut is an amazing for gut health due to its antimicrobial effects. It combats candida which may be a factor that may be contributing to your all to common symptoms such as bloating, gas and excessive sugar cravings. It is powerful not only because it does not feed yeast but helps to kill them off. Coconut oil can be easily used as an oil alternative in cooking, added to smoothies or simply consumed off a spoon. 

3) Fermented Foods 
Fermented foods not only replenish the gut with good bacteria but are a source of beneficial enzymes, and vitamins. Fermentation makes foods more digestible, help you absorb food better, and are cheaper than taking a probiotic supplement. My favorite sources of fermented foods are Kombucha and Kefir, which can both be easily made at home (Stay tuned for instructions on my blog). Another powerful probiotic food is Sauerkraut. Cabbage contains unique forms of sulfur and when fermented has been shown to heal peptic ulcers, increase HCl & pepsin, and aid the liver in detoxification. In addition to probiotics Sauerkraut contains prebiotics and organic acids, which create a healthy environment where probiotics can flourish. Lastly, unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar that contains the “mother” has beneficial bugs and can be added into your morning detox routine. 

4) Berries 
Not only are berries a rich source of antioxidants but also they are high in flavonoids, which can reduce intestinal inflammation & protect the gut. Berries are an easily digestible form of fiber and are a healthy way to satisfy sugar cravings.

5) Green Tea 


Green tea contains a compound called L-threonine, which helps to calms your nervous system promoting to relaxation & distressing. Tea helps to stimulate the secretion of enzymes for optimal digestion, contains antioxidants and superoxide dismutase that helps remove free radicals. Rooibos tea helps to cleanse the blood and contains glutathione, an essential component in liver detoxification. – Raw Local Honey o Honey is not only great to eat when you are ill because of its antimicrobial properties but is an amazing addition to your daily routine. Raw honey is jam packed with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. By consuming raw local honey every day you are being exposed to small doses of pollen so your body reacts less when exposed to the same allergens outdoors.