Hey guys!

As you know I am big on personal development. Recently I was triggered and inspired and I want to share with you all about what I have been learning.

So lets dive right in and talk about ABUNDANCE and a few tips that I have for shifting your abundance mindset. It is so important to shift towards this abundance mindset and go from a place of lack to a place of abundance. Once you start doing this you will attract abundance from all aspects of your life.


Abundance has been with me from the beginning of me creating my online business and becoming an entrepreneur. My business mentor, Amanda Tress, who I am so thankful, first introduced me to this abundance mindset. One of the reasons I chose to work with her and her team was because she was upfront and practiced this abundance mindset. So before I worked with her I held onto my ideas and through her I have made this incredible shift in my life to thinking with an abundance mindset.

Most people relate abundance to money or wealth but for me, abundance means a large about of something. I want an abundance of love, an abundance of health, an abundance of money, and an abundance of success.

From the beginning of my entrepreneur journey I have worked at shifting this abundance mindset and I have 6 tips for you guys on how I have shifted this abundance mindset. John Maxwell is also a fantastic resource to listen to some of his work. Through his post-casts and audio books you can find more information on how to attract abundance and how to shift your abundance mindset

Full disclosure: I am not an expert in this by any means, or any sense of the word, but these are just things that I have done of the past year in business to really shift this mindset and allow me attract more abundance into my life.


Number 1: View challenges as OPPORTUNITIES.

The 1st thing I do is consider everything that happens, an opportunity to learn. What I mean by this is, there are so many times in business or in life that things happen that we get down on. Maybe you don’t hit your goal that month, or you get in an argument, or you get a bill that you weren’t expecting. What you need to think of is how can you shift that negatively into a way that is more positive and a learning experience. What can you learn from that situation? Aim to shift from a place of, “this sucks,” to a place where you say “okay, what can I learn from this opportunity.” Consider every event an opportunity to learn and grow opposed to such a negative thing. Do any of you guys already do this? Or what are some ways that you track abundance into your life? Feel free to comment in the comment section at the very bottom.

Number 2: There is enough abundance for EVERYONE.

Tip number 2 is to regonzie that there is more than enough abundance for everybody. There is more than enough for you, there is more then enough for I and there is more then enough for everybody in this world to have all the money they want, all the love they all, all the health they want. There is more than enough for all of us. So there is no need for jealousy or anger towards other people when realistically the more you focus on that negativity, the more you are going to attract negatively. Focuses on the fact that there is more then enough to go around in order to attract more of what you want, which is abundance .

Number 3: Surround yourself with people who you want to BE like.

Number 3 is who you hang out with will directly reflect what you attract and who you become. How many of you are firm believers in this? I am a firm believer that who you hang out with will directly reflect the person you are and the person you will become. Mindsets are contagious. So if you hangout with people who have a “lack” mentality who believe abundance doesn’t happen and who have a negative outlook on life that, as much as you don’t want it to, is going to shift over to you. Again, who you are, is the sum of the five people you hang out with the most. Take a little bit of an inventory. There may be people who you are going to need to chose to not hangout with because of their lack mentality. Maybe you need to unfriend or unfollow them because of their contagious negatively. As you continue to grow as an entrepreneur and a person, make sure you are hanging out with people that you want to be like in order to attract abundance. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who have what you want because mindsets are contagious.


Number 4: Give more to receive more.

Nimber 4 is to give more of what you want. The best way to attract abundance is to give more. I know most of you are probably thinking that this is so counterintuitive. If you have no money, would you want to give money to somebody? OR why would I give something to somebody that I don’t already have myself? The thing is the more you give the more you will attract. Next time you are in a store and they ask “do you want to round up your number to give to a certain charity or do you want to donate to X,Y,Z foundation”.. Just do it. I cannot explain to you how much my mindset has shifted around giving. I love giving things to people. A big way for you to attract more abudance into your life is to give. Especially around the holiday season comin up. What can you give to somebody? It doesn’t have to be money. Maybe you volunteer your time, or to feed a family, or provide a toy to a child so they have a fantastic Christmas. The more you give, the more you are going to receive. How many of you guys do this?

Number 5: Live the life you want to live in the future NOW.

Number 5 is “live the life you want to live in the future now” . So invision where you want to be in 5 years, in 10 years, and think about what you will be doing when you reach my goals. How will you carry yourself? How will you speak? How will you run your business? And from the very beginning, live as if you are already this person! Treat yourself and your business as if have already achieved success. Shift your mindset to this. Live the life you want to live NOW. So how can you shift? Where do you want to be? Is that a level in your company? Is that becoming a mom? Is is retiring? Where ever you want to be, live it now. What steps can you take NOW to be living that life? What steps does that take? And what is that you doing even 2 years from now that you can be doing now ? Just think about it. And the more you live that life, the more that you create that abundance and believe that this is going to happen the more it is going to come to you.

Number 6: Know the power of affirmations:

My last tip is to recognize the power of affrimations. I would highly recommend the book “the power of I am” by Joel Owestein. In his book he says that, the power of I am is the believe that what ever follows “I AM” will come to you. If you choose to start your morning with “I AM grateful” and “I AM blessed” and “I AM loved” then that is going to be attracted into your life and abundance is going to come for you. But if you choose to lvie your life from a place that “I AM suffering” or “I AM not enough” or I AM whatever this negative aspect is following I AM that’s going to come for you. I challenge you today to write 5 affirmations that start with “I am” that are positive. Write down for example, “I am successful,” “I am enough,” “I am loved,”  “I am grateful.” Whatever your affirmations  are, write them down and pin them on the front of your computer.  I also want you to record these same affirmations into your phone and voice note it.  Then I want you to listen to you “I AM” affirmations at least 5 times a day. These thoughts need to become engranded in your mind constantly so you are filled, beaming and bursting with positivity.


Those are my top 6 tips  for those of you looking to attract more abundance into your life. To summarize again;

  1. Consider everything that happens in your life, positive or negative, to be an opportunity for growth.
  2. Recognize that there is more than enough for everybody. Get rid of that lack mentality around there not being enough for you. There is enough for every single person reading to have abundance. There is enough abundance for everyone.
  3. You are the sum of the 5 people you hangout with the most so choose wisely. Choose to surround yourself with people you want to be like one day.
  4. Give more to receive more regardless if that is money, or food, or time. Whatever it is, give more to receive more.
  5. Live the life you want to live NOW.
  6. Know and use the power of affirmations. Write down 5 affirmations and also record them. Read and listen to them at least 5 times per day.

So I hope you have an amazing amazing day and I hope that this really helps you to attract more abundance into yourlife regardless if you are in business or not.