1. Being unprepared

 – Fact: people who spend one day preparing for the week ahead do far better than those who just wing it.

– Tip: Choose a day and dedicate the time to organizing your meals for the week. Having snack ideas and food on hand allows you to make better choices.

2. Having Junk food around

– Fact: There’s nothing worse than staring at a tub of chocolate peanut butter ice cream during a craving. Instead set yourself up for success.
– Tip: Clean out your pantry, clean out your fridge, get rid of anything and everything that isn’t apart of your plan. Out of sight out of mind.

3. Not “sweating” the small stuff

– Fact: Calories add up and every bite of chocolate dessert whether we like it or not contribute to our overall all caloric intake. Basic weight loss 101 is calories in must be less than calories lost for weight loss to occur.

– Tip: Keep a journal and track everything. Nothing that is off limits should pass your lips or go unaccounted for. There are many great free apps out there that may this incredibly simple.

4. Not noticing how you feel

– Fact: many food sensitivities go undiagnosed for years. Watch out for symptoms after eating a food such as fatigue, joint pain, bloating, bowel changes, brain fog, or skin breakouts/rashes.

– Tip: Find associations between foods you eat and how you react. Can you pinpoint a food that causes your symptoms? Experiment with removing foods you commonly consume on a regular basis as these tends to be the culprits.

5. Eating Late at night

– Fact: when you eat late at night you tend to overall consume a greater number of calories and let’s face it you likely aren’t snacking on carrots and celery.

– Tip: Avoid late night munching by drinking water, sleepy time tea or brushing your teeth.