Good morning happy Friday! I hope you had a fantastic week and will be able to take some time to relax and enjoy this holiday season.

Today I am excited to very quickly share my 6 tips to getting leaner while gaining muscle. As you know achieving muscle gains while losing fat is a difficult balance. It can be difficult to gain while also staying lean, specifically around the midsection and especially for us women after pregnancy and as we age this can be quite the challenge.

Tip #1:

First of all if you want to stay lean while gaining calorie burning muscle, you must eat the right foods, for the right reasons, at the right time. When you join my Weight Loss on the Wild Side program you will be implementing carb cycling in combination with intermittent fasting. This simply means having days where we consume high carbs, days when we consume low carbs as well as having periods of “feeding” and periods of “fasting”. Its not nearly as wild and intimidating as it sounds. In most cases we will be fasting until the afternoon.  For more info download my free intermittent fasting and carb cycling guide.

Most mornings you will  find me drinking water with probiotics & BCAAs (branch chain amino acids), along with WAY too much drinking black coffee, but I will not be breaking my fast until the afternoon.

We will also be tracking our macros throughout the day and not in an obsessive compulsive way but. I like my clients to do this, not only to educate and empower you about the content of your foods, but also to ensure we are consuming enough of the right fuel for our workouts.

If your not framiliar with the term macros all it means is – the 3 main ways our bodies obtains fuel from foods- referring to proteins, carbs and fats. So all tracking macros means is tracking your protein, carbs and fats. In my program we are pretty specific about how many carbs, proteins and fats we have depending on what we are doing for our workout that day.

So again my first tip if you want to stay lean while also gaining muscle you need to eat the Right macros at the right time for the right reason.

Tip #2:

My next tip is you need to lift heavy to develop that calorie burning muscle. This does not mean just going to the gym and throwing around heavy weights. You need to lift heavy with a purpose and a plan. I give my clients a very specific plan to follow and in my WLWS program. We go hard, we are lifting heavy, but we are not wasting time. Again we are lifting heavy with a plan. In addition, we are focusing on consuming enough protein so we can develop that lean calorie burning muscle. If you are lifting heavy but not providing your body with the building blocks, with the proper nutrition, then you cannot build muscle. You must pair effective workouts with proper nutrition so we talk quite bit about that .

Tip #3:

Alright, my 3rd tip is you should engage in fasted cardio in addition to HIIT or high intensity interval training. This is a really important component of my WLWS program. I do engage in fasted cardio ,while drinking my BCAAs to protect my hard earned muscles. We also do quite a bit of HIIT (High intensity interval training). You can expect burpees, lunges, jump squats, mountain climbers,  etc. It is really important to have a good variety with your workouts.

Tip #4:

My 4th tip is to build a healthy gut flora to improve your gut health and burn fat effectively. If you have been eating all the right foods and exercising but have not been seeing the results you expected, it is possible that you need to be on probiotics. In order to improve your gut health you need to build that healthy gut flora. There is a very powerful connection between gut health and fat burning so this may be very important for you.

Tip #5:

My 5th tip is to ensure adequate sleep as well as rest and recovery time between heavy weight workouts . Lack of sleep and over exercising negatively impacts your cortisol and can make it extremely difficult for you to lose weight. A hormone imbalance or cortisol dysregulation may even be the reason you are gaining weight. If you are the person who goes to the gym everyday and does long cardio sessions and are frankly frustrated and fed up with the lack of results then you need to join my WLWS program.

Tip #6:

My 6th tip, my last tip, is to maintain the proper mindset. If you truly want to lean out while gaining muscle you need to maintain the right mindset. This means you need to stay off the scale, and you need to stay positive. In fact research shows people who stay positive will have much better results long term. In addition to an outstanding nutrition and exercise plan my clients set goals, and they think about what they are thankful for throughout the week. We take time to stop and pause. We talk about what we are grateful for, we celebrate about our wins and one another successes.

Just thinking about what your are thankful for throughout the day will reduce your cortisol which is a really important part of burning fat and making sure to shed that fat around the midsection. Again, it is so important to maintain the right mindset.


To recap, the 5 keys to staying leaning and gaining muscle are:

  1.  Eat the right macros, at the right time for the right reasons .
  2. Lift heavy with a purpose and a strategic plan to develop that calorie burning muscle while ensuring to take in enough protein.Again protein is the building blocks of muscle so very important.
  3. Engage in high intensity interval training and fasted cardio.
  4. Build a healthy gut flora to ensure gut health to burn fat effectively.
  5. Get adequate sleep and recovery time which will be critical in lowering cortisol so you can especially shed that stubborn belly fat.
  6. Maintain the proper mindset.

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