I used to think that waking up with a flat stomach and going to bed with a bloated belly was normal… after all food has to go somewhere right? After too long of feeling as if I was in someone else’s bloated body, I addressed the root cause of the issue. Through obtaining my Doctor of Naturopathy (unlicensed), I came to understand that many of us suffer from food sensitivities and hormone imbalances, that leave us feeling bloated and struggling to lose weight. Pretty much what we need is a reset.

The truth is, most diets don’t work for women because they fail to address the underlying hormone and gut imbalances. Your hormones & gut bacteria dictate what your body does with the food you eat. The often-preached tactics to lose weight of eating less and moving more, actually leave the body more stressed; worsening the hormonal imbalance, not to mention creating body shame and food addictions.

Fortunately, there is a solution. You can rediscover the healthy body you’re happy with. You can live a life where you lose fat, and feel toned & sexy in your own skin. You can heal your gut, restore your hormones, and your health. After earning a medical degree, birthing two babies, becoming a wife, and developing the Wild Side Wellness online health coaching program, I ultimately learned that there’s an alternative to suffering being over weight, that doesn’t involve shame or guilt.

In short, you need to correct hormonal misfires beginning with the foods you eat. Through the extensive research that went into developing my Wild Side Wellness program I learned how to eat in a way that optimizes hormones and reinstates a healthy weight in women, and now I want to share this knowledge with you.

As women, we’re at a disadvantage when it comes to obtaining and maintaining a lean body composition. As women we are more sensitive to the mental, emotional, and physical effects of stress and inflammation—you may notice the telltale signs as sugar cravings, extra weight hanging around your waist, moodiness, lack of sleep or perhaps an overwhelmed feeling. These are clues that your hormones have begun to turn against you, which sets off a vicious cycle of inflammation (the type that makes you overweight) and more difficulty regulating the hormones that help you burn fat (also known as the hormones of metabolism, or the engine for burning calories).

When your hormones are allowed to spiral out of control you are left with a metabolism and body that is going to store fat no matter what. If you have been struggling to lose weight despite eating clean, it is very likely your hormones and gut are to blame. Hormones & gut are two powerful dictators that control where you store fat, the amount of fat you store, cravings, appetite, and even addiction to food.

The good news is that you can turn this problem around—the best place to start is with my 10 day challenge. I’ve designed this 10-day plan to help women of all shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds, feel lighter, more energized, and bloat free. The best part is you will be provided will all the education, meal plans, shopping lists, and support to reset your hormones and balance your gut solely with diet & lifestyle.

Just 10 Days!?

The idea behind the 10-day Hormone & Gut Reset Challenge is simple: throughout the 10 days you’ll focus on making specific dietary changes, starting with eliminating sugar & alcohol (did you know sugar is addicting), which resets your estrogen, liver and gut microbiome (did you know, the trillions of living bacteria that make up your microbiome far outweigh the number of human cells in your body?). We will also reduce our intake of meats and choose organic,hormone free sources when possible. This is important for both meat-eaters and non-meat eaters.  We will also cut out specific metabolism-wrecking foods and substitute for superior ones, which will reset your misfiring hormones, building on the collaboration and regulatory synergy between them so you can feel like yourself again, in body harmony.

Why 10 days?

Because that’s the minimum amount of time to start to reset your metabolic hormones and change your gut flora. While full benefits are typically seen after 4-6 weeks, many clients report feeling much better once fructose (added sugar) and inflammatory foods are removed. It is important to reduce your overall inflammation, as it is an indicator for metabolic disease, which significantly increases your risk for heart disease and diabetes. By the end you’ll be thrilled with how you feel; less stressed, eating clean and moving more.

Overview of Your 10 day Reset

In our 10 day challenge we will be talking about realigning hormones such as insulin, estrogen, progesterone, leptin, thyroid, cortisol, growth hormone etc.

  1. Organic Meats & Alcohol Free: This helps to reduce environmental estrogen exposure. Symptoms of estrogen dominance include; difficulty losing weight, breast tenderness and cysts.
  2. Sugar Free: intended to put a stop to relentless sugar cravings, and improve insulin sensitivity. Find out the 20 different names such goes by click here.
  3. Fruitless: intended to lower fructose intake and reset your hunger hormone, leptin (high leptin= excessive hunger).
  4. Inflammatory Free: removes the top inflammatory foods and food that cause food sensitivities.
  5. Caffeine Free, helps to reduce overdrive syndrome, balance stress and cortisol.
  6. Grain Free, intended to reduce inflammatory attack on the thyroid hormone and will reset insulin and leptin. Issues here manifest as bloating, hair loss, and exhaustion.
  7. Dairy Free, designed to reset your growth hormone, which also improve insulin. Dairy sensitivities may manifest as skin issues, upper respiratory tract symptoms, ear and chronic sinus infections.
  8. Toxin Free: the focus here is to restore your testosterone and estrogen levels to normal, along with supporting the reset of  insulin, leptin and thyroid and detoxification pathways.

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After you take all these steps, you will have begun to reset your metabolism and thus expedite a major body transformation from the inside out. I am so happy to say that I know what it’s like to feel your best, to be at the top, because I can clearly see the view from here, and it’s amazing.

Yes, if you continue on after this 10 day challenge you will work towards fixing your broken metabolism and as a side effect lose weight. More importantly, you will take the crucial steps you need to feel yourself again. You will break the relentless cycle of stress, cravings, and weight gain. You won’t be constantly bloated, stressed or sleep deprived. You will grow the happy and diverse bacteria that keep you lean and shed the bacteria that make you fat.

I want you to feel excited and passion towards your goals. This is not meant to be a restrictive diet. The 10 Day Challenge instead addresses the root causes of why you can’t lose weight by correcting your hormonal misfires. It’s an innovative way to totally transform your body from the inside out.

The 10-Day Hormone and Gut Reset Challenge begins June 12th, 2017. This program is ONLY $27 Canadian. Spaces are limited. Click the button below to purchase your spot or click here for more info.