Hey girl! I'm Breanne.

I'm an all encompassing female empowerment coach. I help high-achieving women like you boost energy, lose fat, and increase confidence through balancing hormones so you can really show up in your business, careers, and adventures in life.

FREE download school lunch ideas

Back to school is bittersweet around here. It marks the end of summer but the beginning of a little more structure. If your least favourite thing about back to school is packing lunches, then you are in good company! While my kids are not overly picky, I often struggle to come up with creative ways … Continued

10 day Challenge

hello! We are fast approaching the launch of my 10-Day Challenge! For me, this is not about giving you a program you can figure out in 10 days and then leave you to fend for yourself the rest of the year. I want you to finally stand in a body and live a life that you … Continued

Estrogen Dominance: Why you likely have it

Estrogen dominance is the first fat storage hormone imbalance we are going to talk about over the next couple weeks in our hormone health series. If you are someone how has been eating clean & exercising but cannot seem to lose the weight or you are someone who loses 5 lbs then gains 8 back then … Continued

What you need to do first before reaching for an adaptogen or thyroid support

So you’re going through life feeling like you are surviving rather than thriving. Maybe you’ve got little ones, a business, a house to clean, and a husband to care for and you’re feeling like you are running in overdrive. Maybe you are fatigued, experience headaches, have high cholesterol, weight problems, develop autoimmune diseases or hormonal … Continued

Life Skills Every Child Should Learn

  Life skills have recently been lost in exchange for iPads, computers and social media. In a culture that is always on the go and never has enough time  being able to do simple life skills is advantageous. Providing your children with these abilities will allow them the independence of doing things on their own. … Continued

Treating Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Naturally

What is PCOS? PCOS is an acronym for “Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome” or “Polycystic Ovary Syndrome,” as it is both called. It is the most common endocrine disorder affecting women of reproductive age in North America (1). As many as 1 in 10 women suffer from PCOS, that is at least 5 million women in US … Continued

Scientists have confirmed this is the most powerful natural sedative

Scientists have confirmed Valerian root is the most powerful natural sedative. But before we begin I want to ask you a huge favour. PLEASE do not spray your grass. Dandelions are the first food source for the honeybee after a long winter snooze. We need our bees to preserve the health of our planet! Have you ever lied in … Continued

Health Benefits of Weight Training (besides a lean, toned body)

How many of you are avid weight trainers? Or are you going crazy with cardio? If you are spending hours on a piece of cardio equipment and not seeing the results you want then it’s time to change things up. Personally I do 2 days/ week of HIIT training about 10-20 minutes followed by low … Continued

Positive Discipline: My 4 year olds brilliant idea

To be honest, our mornings lately have been stressful and frustrating as I’m sure many moms of a Kindergartener can relate. I find that getting the kiddos to bed by 7/7:30 is the “sweet spot” so I don’t have to literally drag them out of bed when the alarm goes off. We wake up around 7:15 … Continued

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