Hey girl! I'm Breanne.

I'm an all encompassing female empowerment coach. I help high-achieving women like you boost energy, lose fat, and increase confidence through balancing hormones so you can really show up in your business, careers, and adventures in life.

How not to resist change because the universe has your back!

So there has been some changes in my life in 2018… Hey! It has been a couple weeks since I sent out my weekly newsletter and I am excited to share with you some pretty big changes that have happened to me in 2018.  Often times when we want something new, we have to do things … Continued

bounce back

10 Top Tips To Bounce Back After a Holiday Binge

Besides the EXTREME cold over here in Canada, I’m in love December! Relocate-me to Florida in December and I am your personal Christmas elf! The holiday parties, relaxation, the pine scents, Santa’s magic, delicious foods, festive cocktails, and quality time with our loved ones makes December amazing.  But let’s be real: the season of sugar-loaded … Continued

7 hormones that are affecting your weight

When looking to improve strength, energy and weight loss you want to make sure these 7 hormones are working with you, not against you. Having underlying hormone imbalances will make it more challenging than it needs to be to achieve the lean body that you want. If you have been eating clean and exercising but … Continued

12 Days of Wellness

The holidays are in full swing…which means: hot cocoa, glitter, festive music, wrapping paper, and of course, prezzies! One of my favorite things to do is give gifts! So this year, I’d like to gift YOU with 12 Days of Wellness.   For 12 days, you’ll get 1 gift each day, delivered right to your inbox! But … Continued

Secret #1 Why my clients achieve effortless fat loss

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates It is no secret that hundreds of clients who have gone through the Wild Side Wellness and I seem to lose fat effortlessly, but you may be wondering how? I indulge in donuts, chocolate, and cake (with intention), yet I remain very lean. Here’s … Continued

5 Most Common Reasons You Aren’t Reaching Your Physique Goals (Nononsense)

Sometimes you feel like you are giving everything you have to try to reach your physique goals but, still, you just aren’t seeing the results you want. The no-nonsense truth is, you’re either lying to yourself about your effort, or you are just doing it wrong. Here are 5 of the most common reasons you aren’t reaching … Continued

Is it okay to be hungry?

Are you one of those people who are constantly hungry? Do you finish one meal and immediately begin to think about, or plan your next meal? And does being hungry all the time make you think that something is wrong with you?  Your metabolism? Or your physiology? First off, it is important to understand WHY … Continued

The first things I do in my morning is have a moment of gratitude. Up until I found this 5 minute journal I had been filling out my Wild Side gratitude worksheet each AM (which is still awesome). I have my ladies in the Wild Side get into this practice as well. “Showing gratitude is … Continued

Intro to the Wild Side

Ladies, it is time to take care of you. As women, we tend to put everyone and everything else first. First before our health, first before our needs, first before our happiness, until there is nothing left. Putting ourselves last leaves us physically exhausted, unhappy, and feeling like we are not good enough. We are … Continued

Why You Should be Consuming Pumpkin for Happy Hormones

Fall is in full swing! Which means that pumpkin spice is in everything!  While I much prefer summertime, the one thing I love about fall is how incredibly healthy pumpkin is! Why I love Pumpkin 1. Fiber to help you feel full longer: Pumpkin seeds are packed with 1.7 grams of dietary fiber per ounce … Continued

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