In this webinar, Dr. Breanne Kallonen, ND will review what PCOS and Insulin Resistance is and why it may cause not only weight gain but make it very challenging to lose weight.

Is there a particular diet that can help? Why “eat less, exercise more” is not the solution and What strategies can support managing weight in individuals with insulin resistance and PCOS?

In this presentation You’ll learn how to:

  • Stabilize your mood:
    Blood sugar imbalances are key to address for patients with insulin resistance and PCOS. Once blood sugar is managed mood, energy, and hormones often improve. You will learn why blood sugar issues are often the root cause of PCOS.
  • Drastically increase your energy:
    Think of all the things you would do, if you could just muster up the energy… When your hormones are out of whack, even simple things seem insurmountable. You’ll learn how to increase your energy to an all new level.
  • Regulate and improve your cycle:
    Irregular and painful periods can wreak havoc on your life. Not having any periods at all? This presentation will discuss why this might be happening and strategies you can use.
  • Make informed decisions about your diet and weight:
    By understanding and recognizing what foods and actions contribute to your PCOS, you’ll be in a position of control. This presentation will discuss some strategies you can utilize including nutrition and supplementation.

Health Services

  • MRP

  • Supplements

  • Lab Testing

  • Health Consultation


Typical “fad” diets often fail to address hormone imbalances particularly insulin and cortisol. These can have a great effect on our metabolism and our ability to release weight and keep it off. The Metabolic Reset Program addresses these problems and helps rebalance hormones without dieting or over exercising. Our team develops a customized strategy to reach your weight loss goal with the primary focus on health first. The program includes a maintenance portion to ensure long term sustainability and success.


We may recommend supplements based on your initial consultation and any lab results. If you have financial constraints, our nutrition team will work closely with you to prioritize the most important supplements to add.

Lab Testing

We offer lab testing based on your unique case. Lab costs will vary based on what is determined that you need during your initial consultation. We will work within your budget to help you prioritize testing. Typically the rate for the lab fees are lower for follow-up appointments since most of the labs are done at the beginning.

Health Consultation

Comprehensive Consultation + Customized Protocol Development We devote our time to giving personalized functional medicine care and functional nutrition coaching for individuals to get to the root cause of their health concerns. During your initial webcam consultation we will extensively explore your case, getting to the root facets of why you feel the way you do, review any past labs you may have and answer your questions. During this one-on-one visit we will also determine if any functional medicine labs or advanced protocols are needed, and if so, which ones would

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I have lost 25lbs so far and over 22 inches all over

I watched videos and posts for about a year or so before I jumped on a call with Alison, then I took another 30 days to really commit myself to joining, this program has by far exceeded my expectations ! I have lost 25lbs so far and over 22 inches all over, I have more energy , confidence and feel my ability to manage stress is so much better . I get compliments that go beyond the fact that you look like you have lost weight, they tell me I am glowing, the whites of my eyes are whiter and my overall appearance is bright and cheery.

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I truly am already feeling strong and lean

Currently on week 2 and as I write this I can attest to sleeping better, lots of energy, improved bowel wellness, reduction of mental fog and I truly am already feeling strong and lean. Overlall I feel soooo much better!! My clothes are fitting a bit better already too !!

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The wild side program has changed my life

The wild side program has changed my life, after trying so many other “diets” and workouts I just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I noticed a huge difference in how I was feeling and looking after just a few days. I wouldn’t even call this program a diet because it truly is a lifestyle.

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I haven't even finished week 2 yet and already I am noticing changes in myself.

I haven't even finished week 2 yet and already I am noticing changes in myself. Haven't been bloated once since starting the program and I am sleeping better. The information I am learning on a daily basis is incredible. I can already see myself changing the way I think about food and cutting out bad habitual snacking. No chips and pop for over a week and that was something I thought I would never be able to do. The best part is I don't even really miss the junk food that much because I'm actually enjoying planning and eating fresh, nutritious foods!



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