Even if you never planned on staying on ozempic long term, coming off a medication that supported your weight loss goal can be concerning. The goal of ozempic was to resolve insulin resistance and support healthy weight loss. Now that you have successfully achieved this, CONGRATULATIONS it’s now time to wean off ozempic. Many patients are concerned that they will gain their weight back, suffer from food cravings, and not be successful. These concerns are all valid and are the reasoning behind creating this guide. The purpose of this guide and structured weaning process is to ensure your long term success.

Hopefully, you have created many strong nutrition habits while on ozempic but if you haven’t this is your opportunity. It is critically important to ensure your nutrition is optimal and sustainable NOW while slowly weaning off ozempic. Patients who do not change their habits and instead just eat less unhealthy foods are likely to see weight regain. In addition, the ultimate goal is to be as healthy as possible and prevent chronic disease not just to be a certain number on the scale.


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