– Do you ever look at your blood test results from the lab and feel like you are reading Latin?

– Have you been told your labs are normal but you know in your gut something is not right?

– Have you ever see a result that is outside of the normal range and aren’t quite sure if you should be concerned?

– Have you ever been frustrated that no one has taken the time to explain your test results to you?

Join Dr. Breanne Kallonen for this valuable webinar. You will learn how to interpret your blood test results and gain a better understanding of why they are critical to health optimization. Dr. Kallonen will explain what information in these reports are the most important, discuss why additional comprehensive testing is often needed, as well as discuss “normal” vs “optimal” reference ranges.


Dr Breanne Kallonen is a Naturopathic & Functional Medicine Doctor, a best selling Author, the creator of The Metabolic Reset Program and mom of two. Dr Kallonen aims to empower patients to optimize their health and prevent disease and does not believe low energy and weight gain is a destined process of aging.


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