I give pregnant women guidance and physical support to help them have easier, more positive, birth experiences.

I help women experience birth and labor in a way that promotes human connection rather then intervention. I am committed to providing mother-centered, individualized care in and around the Guelph area. I provide evidenced-based quality care, acting in the best interest of mothers and infants. As a Doula, I offer continuous emotional and physical support to women and their partners during their pregnancy, labor and birth. I provide nurturing, honest, non-judgmental encouragement to ensure the most satisfying birth experience possible, from pregnancy to motherhood. I reconnect women with the beauty and empowering experience of birth. I remove fear and eliminate doubt, but also facilitate communication with your care providers to ensure you feel informed and confident to make decisions. I am not your voice, but I make sure you are heard.

At times labor and birth are unpredictable, but the care you receive should never be. I work alongside physicians, midwives and nurses, but cannot replace any of these important participants. Childbirth is transformative and I want your birth to be amazing.

I could not agree more with how a colleague Justine Julian puts it, “On your birthing day not only is your baby being welcomed into the world, but you and your partner are simultaneously transformed into parents. There is no other day in our lives when we are asked to do, be and experience so many things. Protecting the sacredness of this event is my top priority.”

“Birth is your baby’s first impression of the outside world” – Ina May Gaskin

Let me advocate, educate, listen, respect and embrace your story.


Evelyn’s birth, my first at home water birth, was the most joyous, exhilarating experience of my entire life. Nursing my new baby in my arms, I knew I was destined to help other families experience this blessing. I lived my education in the most real way possible – by experiencing an undisturbed, calm and gentle birth.

Women’s wise old wisdom of instinctual, intuitive birthing has unfortunately been forgotten. Today’s society has been contaminated by fear, ignorance and confusion surrounding childbirth and maternity care. Pregnancy and childbirth are natural, healthy processes that should be respected as such. Families have to right to a positive birthing experience and must be embraced and supported. I truly believe that women are experts in their own bodies and babies. When provided space to experience their innate wisdom, safe, easy and ordinary birth is possible.

After the birth of my daughter, my interest in exploring the relationship between biomedical perspectives and gentle approaches to birth and parenting grew immensely. I am proud to report that practices I found instinctive, such as home birth, co-sleeping, feeding on demand and baby-lead weaning, are very supported by the literature. It is my hope to educate parents and empower them to distinguish cultural disapproval from factual risk when evaluating birth and parenting choices. By promoting positive birth experience and attachment, I believe we can make a lasting impact on future generations to come.

I help pregnant women have easier, faster labors so that they can meet their baby with confidence!

Are you afraid of birth? Maybe your fear of birth is holding you back from enjoying your pregnancy.

I help dispel fear and ensure a joyous pregnancy experience. Imagine what it would feel like to be confident about going into labor and looking forward to the birth. Let me show you how.

You won’t regret making an investment towards a beautiful birth experience. After all, don’t you deserve the most professional and supportive care possible?


Inductions, epidurals and cesareans, oh my! How to avoid unnecessary interventions and remain in control when things don’t go as expected. Book your FREE 15-minute consult to get to know your body, talk about the services I provide, discuss your priorities/concerns and figure out how we can work best together.

Thoughtful Birthing Class: Four private one-hour classes, individualized and designed to meet your needs. A typical schedule involves the following topics: 1. Natural Childbirth: Eliminating Fear and developing Confidence, 2. Optimizing Prenatal health & Thoughtful Decisions — The mind, Body, Spirit Approach, 3. Labor & Birth and 4. You, Your Newborn & the Art of Breastfeeding. Refresher classes also available.

Simple Steps to Giving Birth Your Way Labor Support Package: Includes your personalized birth experience package and pre-birth planning consultations to relieve stress and fear: two 90 minute sessions + birth attendance + postpartum followup that gets you off to the best possible start. Two 90 minute visits. 100% support from start to finish via phone/email anytime and in-person during labor.

Lending library: All clients receive free access to a variety of health, wellness, pregnancy, birth and parenting literature.

First Birth

Although physically my pregnancy was hardly noticeable, mentally my first was filled with stress and anxiety. I felt alone, nervous and unprepared. I had questions that weren’t answered and was vulnerable. 37 weeks into my pregnancy, I experienced unexplained bleeding. My experience was denied and after two days of self-advocacy, I felt defeated and was pressured into an induction that was neither wanted nor warranted.

Over the next three hours, I experienced intense contractions and countless offerings of pain medications, which I continued to decline. When my son was born, I felt so empowered and inspired by the ability of my body to undergo such an amazing physiological process. I was also confused and disheartened about the pressure I was put under to receive medical intervention, as if I was not the expert in my own body. I knew my next birth would be different…and it was.

Second Birth

My second pregnancy was joyous and I was overcome with a strong sense of wisdom and opportunity. Again, physically I felt great, which I attribute to my healthy lifestyle. I read countless novels and testimonials validating what in my heart I knew to be true — that an easy, calm, gentle birth was possible. I trusted my body’s innate wisdom and ability to birth naturally. I was confident my body and my baby would know what to do if I surrendered to the birthing process. I was not fearful. I was incredibly fortunate to obtain the care of an amazingly supportive midwife and midwife student whose trust in the natural birthing processes was extremely evident. Her calm, nurturing and respectful attitude towards my desires and wishes inspired me. With her support, I planned a peaceful home water birth and knew this time would be different.

On June 19th, 2015, we enjoyed a family meal and spent the evening playing a game of chase with my son and husband in the backyard. That evening around 10PM I felt a strong desire to sleep and be alone. I informed my husband we may be having a baby tonight and respected my body’s wishes to rest. At 12:00 AM I woke with a sense of urgency to prepare the birth pool and set up our room. At this point I called my midwife as I was having regular surges and thought I might be in labor. I was relaxed and calm. I moved around and embraced the wonderful opportunity I was blessed to experience. The midwife arrived at 3AM and informed me I was fully dilated. Although I had full trust in my body I have to admit I was surprised at how easy the process had been so far. I entered the birthing pool and my relaxation deepened to a state of pure bliss. I focused on the present moment and breathing down my baby with each surge my body experienced. I continued to feel my baby moving down and surrendered to the process. As my baby’s head was crowning I experienced a moment of doubt and I am so incredibly grateful that I had positive words of wisdom replay in my mind. On June 20th at 5:59 AM, I grabbed my baby and welcomed Evelyn into the world. I enjoyed the freedom to hold her on my chest and witnessed the instinctive ability of newborn baby to crawl to the breast, latch and nurse with ease.

Both my birth experiences although dramatically different, will continue to impact my emotions, mind, body and experience for the rest of my life.

We provide support to the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph,  Milton, Oakville and Toronto areas. Location inquiries are always welcomed.

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