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Congratulations for investing in yourself at this level and going for private and personal 1:1 coaching. Your program is for 3 months. This program includes weekly coaching calls, and all calls must be used by the date set on your contract. Each call is 60 minutes long. Some weeks you may get the biggest breakthrough and insight of your life- other weeks might just feel more like awesome accountability. Remember that not EVERY workout feels like the “best workout ever” - but add them all up and the consistency is what creates the end product. So please choose to be consistent. Show up each week and give all you can. Be fully present each week and agree to find and co-create solutions. You will get out of this exactly what you put in! So, first things first: take the next few minutes to recognize that all of your results are based on YOU and what you commit to. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get into action, to show up each week, to ask for what you want/need support with; to do the work in between calls, and to make this a priority. It is MY RESPONSIBILITY to show up for you, guide you, teach you and support you when you may not believe it’s possible. It’s also my responsibility to shift things up when I feel necessary - challenging or encouraging you to shift perspectives, game plans or goals. I am fully committed to helping you achieve your goals. You have to be even more committed than I am. Are you committed? Do you take full responsibility for your results in this program? Yes ? Awesome! Let’s get started. Thank you for confirming your payment - you are all set for this next step: Completing this welcome package. Please take the time and complete all of the info in this pack so we can really make sure you get the most out of your time with me. This package is for the entrepreneur who is ready to put themselves in the game: to get organized with all of their awesome ideas, services, and talents; to create some systems to make everything easier; to get super clear on all that they offer and who they take care of (niche); and to establish an prestige-level marketing plan. This package is for the entrepreneur who has the “Nothing will stop me” mentality. So please take the time necessary and give the best answers you can. Give as much detail as possible. Be as specific as possible. Please complete this package, at least 48 HOURS before our first call, and then we will be good to go. I will contact you if there is anything else I need before we start. Ready? Enjoy……

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