I am so excited to offer these detailed meal guides to help you get on track with your nutrition and teach you how to incorporate well-balanced eating into your busy life! Most importantly, this incredible tool will help you develop a healthy relationship with food and help bring you closer to your health and fitness goals. Nutrition doesn’t have to be boring! All nutrition plans are gluten free!

For only $37.99 you will receive:

√ An easily and instant downloadable meal guide
√ Three weeks of a complete and well-balanced meal guide filled with wholesome and clean foods
√ A budget-friendly, weekly grocery list that won’t keep you in the grocery store for hours
√ 49 delicious Busy Woman Healthy Life recipes
√ Guidelines on how to follow the meal guide and tips on meal prepping
√ A special message from Breanne that shares her insight on building a healthy relationship with food developed from her training in Biomedical Sciences & Naturopathic Medicine

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3-weeks of budget-friendly, quick-and-easy meal plans to help you eat clean, feel awesome, save time and save money!

  • The three biggest obstacles when it comes to eating healthy is that it is too expensive, it takes too much time and it is hard to stick to a plan.
  • I’m removing all of these obstacles by giving you three weeks of budget-friendly, quick-and-easy meal plans along with prep guides to keep you on track.
  • Each meal plan builds off of the previous so you are always using up ingredients and repurposing leftovers. The meal plan is designed to feed two people, but can be modified by adjusting the servings to suit your needs. All recipes are gluten free.
  • Estimated cost of groceries is $3.50 per meal/snack.

This is the time. This is the place. You are the person. Let’s kick 2017 into high gear! Let’s get started.


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